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Plunging Full Sail

I recently decided to take a plunge into a second Master’s degree program. I wasn’t looking to do another degree, but when I came upon this Education Media & Design Technology Master of Science degree at Full Sail University, I was very intrigued.

Upon perusing the Full Sail website and detail about the courses, I liked the very hands-on approach with technology in the context of current learning theories and curriculum models that the program offered. Also, the fact that the coursework could be completed in 12 months was inviting. The quality of the program that sealed the deal, however, was Full Sail’s partnership with Apple. Being an Apple Distinguished Educator, I thought this would be an exciting opportunity to hone my skills with the various Apple software suites and other 3rd party creative application suites while learning and contributing knowledge and creative education projects through the dynamic online learning platform Full Sail has created.

All Full Sail students are required to purchase a Macbook Pro, which is pimped out with iLife, iWork, Adobe Master Collection, Office 2008, Screenflow, and some more stuff. Because of Apple’s innovation and leadership with creative software and Full Sail’s focus on entertainment, media, and design, the partnership was a natural one. This technology partnership is referred to as “Project LaunchBox” and is the first of its kind.

It’s going to be an intense 12 months, doing this degree, working full time and offering professional development opportunities at my school. But, the experience is going to be fantastic, I think. I’ll post more about my experiences and projects as the year goes on.

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